Dry Branch Fire Squad

Host Band

Our host band, The Dry Branch Fire Squad, consists of Brian Aldridge, Jeff Byrd, Evan Lanier and Ron Thomason.

From the beginning of High Mountain Hay Fever, Dry Branch Fire Squad has served as the Host Band. It is an honor that the band cherishes.  Noted for its aggressively traditional bluegrass music, the band adheres to the mountain culture of its predecessors, many of which the band has brought to High Mountain Hay Fever in person over the years.

DBFS works together like a well-oiled machine relying on the music and ideas it has brought to the stage over its 48 years in business.  The band is known for its respected humor as well as its many recordings, a movie, performing at more than 100 individual festivals (some many times over) in both the U.S. and other countries, and its true affection for the fans that the band has accumulated over the years.


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