The Baker Family

The Baker Family is a high energy bluegrass band located in south central Missouri. We perform at bluegrass events throughout the United States from Maine to California. We would love to come be apart of your next festival!!

The Baker Family is a high energy bluegrass band which comes to Westcliffe from south central Missouri. As such, they perform in the old Ozark bluegrass numbers as they have been handed down through the generations, or as the New Lost City Ramblers once called those songs, music from the true vine. The family is composed of Trustin— fiddle and banjo; Carina—- mandolin and fiddle; Elijah— guitar and bass; and Carrie— bass and guitar.

Since first coming to prominence on RFD TV, namely in combination with Ian Sibley and the Magnolia Ramblers, the Baker Family has toured all over U.S. from Maine to California. They have won many awards in a very short time for their performances on The Bluegrass Trail, American’s Got Talent, Silver Dollar City, and The International Country Gospel Music Association to name just a few. They have been so busy that we were lucky to get them here at HMHF where they will perform on Thurs. and Friday and then have to immediately head back to Branson, MO. Be careful NOT to miss them.


Whitehouse Blues

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